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Fire Department Lockbox



All buildings that require a lockbox must install a TRACCESS Smart Vault.

This City of Calgary-approved box provides increased security and other benefits. ​

A lockbox needs to be installed on a building with any of the following:

A fire alarm system where
it's control features, including emergency voice communication systems, are located behind a locked pane.
manually operated devices require a key or device to be reset.
the electrical circuit breaker is located within a locked panel or room.
An automatic sprinkler system where the main control valve is locked in the open position or if it's located within a locked room or enclosure.
Standpipe and water supply connections are in a locked room or area such as a roof
A key operated elevator control feature that permits exclusive use of elevators to fire fighting personnel or that will switch selected elevators to operate on emergency power.
Stairway doors that have been locked on the stairway side.
Roof access doors that are locked.

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