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Tips to Maintain Your Locks

September 12th 2022
Tips to Maintain Locks

Exterior door locks can and do eventually wear out or become saturated with dirt and grime – which can cause the locks to become frozen or stiff, or keys to get stuck. Check out these steps you can take to avoid a stuck lock and give your exterior door lock a longer life.

1. Find a product
You can find lock-lubricating or cleaning products such as rubbing alcoholgraphite powders, Teflon-containing sprays or even brake cleaners at retail hardware stores both large and small. If you’re not sure of what product you should purchase, call Aura Lock & Key and ask for their advice.

Aura Lock & Key advises against using all-purpose lubricants like WD-40 because they can eventually evaporate into a residue that attracts more dirt and grime.

Keep all your locks from sticking with simple, routine maintenance every 6-8 months.

2. Spray it in
Whether it’s a dry powder or liquid-based product, always follow the label instructions and warnings.

Most products will direct you to place a nozzle or tube into the keyhole and spray the product, getting as much into the interior lock mechanism as possible.
You’ll probably want to have a cleaning rag or paper towel handy to clean up any overspray or runoff that may occur on either side of the doorknob.

Use a cleaner such as rubbing alcohol or brake clear first, then use a silicon or teflon lubricant.

*NOTE Graphite is still a dust so use sparingly.

3. Give it a whirl
Make sure the door is open and you don’t lock yourself out.

If the lock is in a door handle, turn the handle back and forth several times and flip the interior lock several times, locking and unlocking the door.
Do the same with a dead bolt-only lock.

Make sure to rake the key in-and-out of the lock multiple times after spraying the cleaner to help loosen any debris. You may have to repeat this step several times to clean the lock out fully.

This will make sure the lubricant reaches all the moving parts within the lock.

4. Clean it up
You may need to repeat the above steps several times.

Clean up any over-spray or runoff from spraying the lock lubricant, including wiping down the exterior of the doorknob or dead bolt itself.

Make sure to wipe your key off before putting your keys into your pockets!
5. Call Aura Lock & Key
In the event your maintenance is not working, and your locks are still causing you troubles, call Aura Lock & Key.

We will remove the entire lock and replace the pins & springs if necessary and/or adjust the door alignment for proper operation of your locks.
If you have any questions, please feel free contact us!

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