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Signs your doors are not as secure as they could be

June 13th 2022

Signs your doors are not as secure as they could be

You may be surprised at how many home robberies involve the burglar entering through the front door but, a weak front door allows any chance intruders to try their luck and break into your home.
Doors and windows are considered to be the easiest point of entry for your home so, even visible front door security measures can be enough to dissuade potential burglars from entering your home. Peace of mind is also important for you, as the homeowner so you can leave your home and live in your home without having to worry about intruders, your family, or your belongings. Whilst a front door with security measures in place may not be a complete barrier to intruders, it will make it a lot harder for them to break in.

What to look out for:

  • The door sticks or catches along the door frame.
  • The door was compromised / damaged from a break-in.
  • The lock hardware does not engage with the door frame for proper latching.
  • The locking hardware is hard to lock or unlock.
  • The hinges grind, creak or show signs of wear or rust.
  • The seams of your hollow metal door as pulling apart.
  • The door hangs loose in the frame or sags.

The number of improvements on the market to help you improve front door security can seem daunting but, it’s important to remember that every option (no matter how small) will make your home more secure.

Aura Lock & Key has the experience to help ensure your doors are secure and functioning as they are meant to. We can help with a wide range of door repair or replacement services.
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