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High security systems on the market

June 2nd 2022
Here are some of the key strengths and weaknesses with the various high security systems on the market today.

Medeco’s high price tag does not buy the dependability most of us want in a high security system. Their locks are finicky and stop working when the smallest particles of dirt get into the keyway. Medeco’s Keymark keys are made from cheap brass that makes them vulnerable to shearing and breaking off inside the keyholes.

Mul-T-Lock systems can be compromised, bypassing their locks with a thin key and a certain kind of tape. This is despite the excellent engineering that went into their dimple keys and telescoping pin design. There is even rumor of compromise using a popsicle stick and a balloon!

Schlage wants too much money for the Primus keyway and charge too much money for nearly everything they make. Primus keys are made of cheap brass, making these keys vulnerable to breaking off in a lock if people are using the key to pull a door open.

The solution to the cost and vulnerabilities of these systems is CX5 High Security. CX5 High Security cylinders provide the same level of security as a lock cylinder three times its price. CX5 high security technology starts with the unique waved security groove side milling on the key. This innovative concept activates internal side pins which control an auxiliary locking side bar. The security groove allows for hundreds of possible independent keyways for each key profile. CX5 cylinders are made with hardened steel pins to prevent drilling. Mushroom Top-pins and a patented sidebar makes these lock cylinders resistant to picking and bumping.

MULTIPLE LOCKING POINTS CX5 cylinders have a secondary point of locking control which results in a key cylinder that is virtually bump proof and pick resistant.

All CX5 cylinders are produced from high quality solid brass extruded rod material and are available in most popular architectural finishes. All cylinders are available with the optional enhanced UL 437 features for greater security using stainless steel components and added protective elements.

The CX5 High Security lock cylinder is designed to replace a standard lock cylinder across multiple applications. It can replace mortise and rim cylinders, standard deadbolt cylinders, large format interchangeable core and Schlage cylinders. Their different cylinder designs accommodate various deadbolts, knobs, lever-sets, exit devices, and padlocks.

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