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Changing your locks?

May 31st 2022
Changing the locks on your doors can be a good idea for a variety of reasons. But did you know there are certain times when it’s especially recommended?
  • When you move into your new home or apartment.
  • When you lock yourself out of your residence or lose your keys.
  • To make your home more secure.
  • To upgrade old hardware.
  • When you need new locks installed.
Moving into a new house is one of the automatic times you should change your locks. You can never be sure that the previous resident turned over every single key ever made.

FACT: Due to the commonality of standard house locks, in a city as large as Calgary there is approximately a 1 in 4 chance that your house key will open your neighbors house locks and vice-versa. This chance is even greater in newer districts due to the fact that new homes are usually all keyed to the same key to allow ease of access to contractors building the homes. There are several other times when you need to change your locks in addition to when you move.

Change your locks if someone you have employed no longer works for you. This includes gardeners, housecleaners, babysitters and other people you might have given a key for access to your home. You cannot be sure that they have not made copies and could return to clean you out.

If you are a landlord, change the keys when your tenants move out. They might give you a key back, but you can't be sure they didn't make one or more copies. Change the locks immediately after your tenant leaves so you can better ensure the safety of your new tenants.

Change your locks if you remodel your home and give a key to a contractor. No matter how reliable you think your contractor is, you can't guarantee that he won't make a copy of your key and give it to his workers or other people you do not know. You can't control what your contractor does with your key, so as soon as your renovations are complete, rekey the locks.

Key all of your locks to the same key. This is very convenient because you can unlock every door with a single key. You don't have to keep track of as many keys and you won't be fumbling through various keys to find the one you want.One of the best ways to prevent break-ins is to make it difficult for burglars to get inside. Your home security system can only do so much. If someone has a key, no one is going to think twice about someone entering your house when you're not home. After all, if a person has a key, he's supposed to be there, right? You know the answer is that not everyone who has a key has permission to enter your house, so change the locks and make your house more secure. To avoid having to change your locks often, Aura Lock & Key suggests upgrading your lock hardware to keyless or high security. Call today for more information. Keyless locks use a code to open the lock and the lock code can easily be changed by yourself.

NOTE: It is hard to prove to your insurance carrier that your home was burglarized without any signs of forced entry. Access with a key is not necessarily “break and enter.”

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